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Why Dais Of Thunder?


We have been creating content for conventions for 5 years. 

Getting people to your conventions is important, but keeping them there and keeping them coming back is even more important.

Our group has  been creating entertaining content for conventions for 5 years And best of all we can work most conventions with NO MONEY out of your budget.


We Do conventions because we love them and offset our costs by selling merchandise after our show.

Clubs and Bars

Dais Of Thunder can cater our shows to work in clubs and bars.

We have done roasts for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Star Wars Day (May The 4th) and even Presidents Day.

We can also provide straight comedy shows with a host, guest spot, feature and headliner And even midweek open mics and Comedy Trivia Nights to help grow business on days that would otherwise be slow for your venue.

Best of all we can work with your budget.  we Can be paid out of a cover charge or a flat fee that is much lower than bands or DJs that have cost for upkeep of instruments and equipment.


Dais Of Thunder works well with a College crowd. We are deeply immersed in pop culture and can create content based on your needs.

If you’re looking for broad entertainvent our roasts of Video Game or Comic Book characters may be right for you.

if you’re a science club we can do a Roast Of Scientists including Albert Einstein and Louis Pasture.

maybe you’re History or  Poli-Sci and would be more entertained by a Roast Of Political  Icons or Historical CharacterS. Where else can you see Genghis Kahn poking fun at President Lincoln?

Best of All we can work with any clubs budget.

Funny Fundraisers

Tired of the same boring dinners, we can spice things up by providing a truly unique entertainment experience.

we‘ll help with promotions, 50/50s, silent auctions and so much more.

We can travel to your location or host your event at one of the bars or halls we already have relationships with.

Private Events

We can create roasts for just about anything or anyone.

We always provide a seasoned EmCee to help keep your party moving and if you’d like to be involved in the Roast our comedians will even help provide you with some funny comebacks.

its the perfect office part, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party. Although you probably wouldn’t want to see a bunch of comedians strippin.

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215-282-6698 that’s 215-AT-CON-98

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